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Mediation Feedback and Testimonials

Mediation Feedback and Testimonials

We pride ourselves on the high quality customer service we give all our clients. At all times, our staff listen to our clients' needs and provide them with all the help and advice they need.
Please read below some of the client feedback we have received about our mediation services.

“I have instructed Neil on a number of previous occasions and have been very impressed. He has the patience, tact and perseverance to facilitate a settlement in even the most entrenched disputes. I would not hesitate to use him again.” 

"Neil is an excellent mediator. Clearly, well prepared, Neil identified and focused on the key issues and brought the parties to a settlement."

"Neil mediated a case for us recently.  The parties were very entrenched in their positions but he persevered and did all that could have been expected  to promote a compromise.  His calm manner kept things on an even keel in difficult circumstances.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a mediator. “ Neil Hunter, Systech Solicitors

"I was impressed with Neil’s relaxed style when he mediated a dispute at my office. 

He had clearly read all of the information that had been available to him, grasped the issues between the parties straight away and was ultimately able to bring the parties to an amicable resolution." 

"I am returning the completed feedback questionnaire with positive responses. Thank you for your very helpful Mediation."

Thank you for your excellent work last Saturday, & for sticking with it a long day without break for you.  We really appreciate what you have achieved."

Personal thanks from me for making the mediation happen so sensitively and skilfully.”

In one day at reasonable cost Neil Largan’s mediation skills resolved a dispute that had proved intractable for three years,  He quickly identified the areas of potential agreement & focused on the obstacles to agreement.  He was supportive and sympathetic and also, when necessary, challenging.   It helped that as a solicitor he could remind us sometimes what probably couldn’t be achieved in a court or tribunal but could be achieved in mediation.  We have no hesitation in recommending Neil as a mediator.”

At first sight of the other party's position statement, I could not see how we would make any progress whatsoever. However, with Neil Largan's skilful and insightful interventions, we achieved a very satisfactory outcome. Neil was non-judgmental yet perfectly able to challenge us and created an atmosphere in which we were able to see how a slight concession or a change in wording could make all the difference in moving us forward. I was struck by how reaching an agreement really seemed to matter to him and I would not hesitate to travel to York should the need arise in the future.”

This mediation achieved almost all we hoped for. Neil quickly identified the areas of potential agreement & addressing obstacles to this, then arranging the mix of individual & joint meetings to best effect.  It was a long day, but not much time was wasted. Neil’s use of ‘reality-checks’ to re-start progress when blocked, including ‘putting his solicitor’s hat on'.“

Personal thanks from me for making the mediation happen so sensitively and skilfully.”

The process was handled skilfully and professionally from start to finish. Neil was non-judgmental, appropriately friendly and challenging when necessary. One had complete trust in him as he went between us and the other party.”

Many thanks again for your invaluable input  the relief is palpable.“


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