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Services for Dentists

Services for Dentists

We offer the full spectrum of Legal Services for Dentists.

Dental Practice Sales and Purchases

You may be about to buy your first Practice, or you may be planning for retirement, you may perhaps be looking to buy an additional Practice and have felt disappointed or let down by the service from your previous lawyers and are looking for a change. Whatever your requirements, it is crucial to ensure that you are in safe hands when it comes to having the legal formalities properly dealt with.

Dental Practice transactions have become particularly complex in recent years. This is due to a combination of factors which include, for Practices with an NHS element, the concerns surrounding the transfer of the 2006 NHS Contracts and for all Practices, the introduction of the new CQC provisions, the caution of Bank Funders and dealing with the extensive due diligence requirements of most purchasing lawyers these days.

Dental Expense Share Agreements

Many Dentists operate in an expense share arrangement with their business colleagues, as opposed to forming a traditional business partnership. Expense sharing dentists own their own individual businesses and have their own individual Practice accounts they simply share expenses and will often have an annual set of formal, expense share accounts. They may also jointly engage Associate Dentists, Hygienists or Therapists and share the profits generated by those persons once they have been paid for doing the work.

It is vital for Dentists in this sort of relationship to have a written Expense Share Agreement, clearly setting out the agreed basis of the working relationship and crucially also, what might happen should one Dentist wish to leave the Arrangement. There may well be a need for pre emption rights giving the continuing expense sharers the right to buy out the own Practice of the departing Dentists.

Partnership Agreements

In many ways traditional Partnership Agreements are easier to document than expense share arrangements. True Partners own the business together, in specified shares and take a share of the profits, usually in the same shares that reflect the ownership of the Business. Sometimes a Partner may spend more time at a Practice than the other Partners and in a case like this, the Partnership Agreement may provide for this person to be entitled to a prior share of profits.

Shareholders Agreements

Nowadays, we are seeing many more Dentists choosing to trade within a Limited Company structure. Gone are the days when Dentists were forbidden from operating in this way. Where dentists form a limited Company together, they will need a written Shareholders’ Agreement to regulate the finer detail of their affairs.

Dental Practice Incorporations

Leaving aside the obvious advantages of limited liability status, we usually find that the decision to incorporate a Practice is taken following accountancy advice for tax reasons. It can also be a way of giving non dentists a stake in a dental business which can be particularly useful if outside investment is required. A majority of the Company Directors have to be Dentists. Great care needs to be exercised when incorporating an NHS Practice and thought given as to how best to deal with the Practice’s NHS Contract. We can help by drafting the legal documentation required to transfer the unincorporated business to the new Company.

Associates Agreements

We can provide a bespoke alternative to the version offered by the BDA if required.

For specialist advice, please contact Chris Hindle, Head of Legal Services to Dentists, on 01904 624185.

Client testimonials

"I was looking forward to acquiring my first dental practice. This can be a daunting prospect when faced with all the legal work and having no experience in this area I turned to Chris for support.
His experience and understanding of the process was invaluable. I was impressed at the way he took the lead on the process. At times when we were faced with potential delays from the other party, Chris went out of his way to keep things moving resulting in us achieving our intended deadline date.
I would be delighted to recommend Chris to anyone facing the legal process of acquiring a dental practice. I will certainly look no further than Chris if I find myself in this situation again.

Thank you for your professional work."
Dr Mohsin Patel BDS MJDF RCS (Eng)

“We always enjoy working with Chris Hindle, who is an experienced Solicitor with the ability to combine the twin attributes of both moving jobs forward in a timely manner and having good legal know how as well.“   Luke Moore, Dental Elite, Rugby.
"Chris has assisted me many times in the last 6 years. He is extremely knowledgeable and always has time for his clients. I have been well advised on many legal issues from Chris resulting in very favourable business results. I wouldn't hesitate to refer him to friends-I regularly do!" 
Dr D V J Sutcliffe, Manchester

"Chris acted for us on a number of matters and throughout we were impressed by his response to our frequent requests, the speed of his response and his attention to detail. His understanding of the varied requirements of business and personal matters meant that he became a friend to us all".
John Richardson.

"Chris Hindle has acted as Solicitor to our family for many Years in all matters legal. He is conscientious and knowledgeable and I have no hesitation in recommending him".
Alwin Harrison

"Chris, thank you for the very professional and efficient services that you provided to our company. Also thank you for always being only a phone call away".
Kind regards, Dr A Joubert

"I found you to be very approachable with a good understanding of what I wanted to achieve. You were quietly efficient with a cool head in demanding circumstances when you acted on my behalf when I sold my practices".
R C  Holdsworth

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