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At Crombie Wilkinson we offer Civil, Commercial, Employment and Workplace mediation services.

Mediation is a voluntary, non-binding, dispute resolution process in which a neutral person (the mediator) helps parties try to reach their own negotiated settlement in all types of dispute.

Disputes are a drain on both money and productive time and Court action is slow, expensive and uncertain.

It is our view that Court action should be the last resort and that claims should not be issued prematurely until all other dispute resolution methods have been explained. Mediation is a more flexible, speedy and cost effective means of resolving disputes.

Mediation is a tried and tested dispute resolution technique involving the use of a neutral third party to help bring the parties to their own agreement to a dispute. It is a highly powerful and cost effective process, which works.

Read what our clients have said about our mediation services below and here:

“I can't thank you enough for your patience and determination. You have worked hard and long to get me a fair outcome and I hope you continue with these successful outcomes. Thank you.”

"Neil mediated a case for us recently.  The parties were very entrenched in their positions but he persevered and did all that could have been expected  to promote a compromise.  His calm manner kept things on an even keel in difficult circumstances.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a mediator. “ Neil Hunter, Systech Solicitors

"I was impressed with Neil’s relaxed style when he mediated a dispute at my office.

He had clearly read all of the information that had been available to him, grasped the issues between the parties straight away and was ultimately able to bring the parties to an amicable resolution." 

For more information on any aspect of our Mediation Services please don’t hesitate to contact Neil Largan.

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    Neil Largan

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