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Law for Business

Law for Business

Our experts are here to advise you at every stage of your business; whether you are looking to start a new business, regulating business relationships, planning for expansion and growth or planning your exit strategy.

Use the links on the left hand side to find out more about the specific law for business areas we can advise and help with. We can advise on agricultural law, commercial property, commercial and corporate law, dispute resolution, employment law, workplace mediation and charity law.

To speak to one of our business law specialists, simply select one of the staff profiles below. Alternatively, you can make a general enquiry using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Our Services

Q -I am looking to set up a new business, can you help me?
A - We recognise that setting up a new business is a big step and appreciate that at the outset keeping costs to a minimum is very important. We can help you to select the best method of trading and discuss the documents that your business really shouldn't be without; whether this is a document to set the ground rules for the business such as a shareholders or partnership agreement or whether it is terms and conditions of trading with others. We can also put you in touch with networking groups and other professionals that can help you.

Q - I am looking to buy/sell a business, can you help me?
A - We can help with the entire process from start to finish so there is no need for you to worry. In either situation you have interests that need to be adequately protected, whether this is making sure that the business you buy is what you expected or ensuring that you get paid for the one that you have sold! The right legal advice and documentation is essential in either case. We can put you in touch with other professionals who can assist where appropriate.

Q - I am looking to expand an existing business, how can you help me?
A - Expanding your business can be difficult and so it is important that you receive the right advice. We can be involved at an early stage to make sure the transaction goes smoothly. You may decide to merge your business with another, enter into a joint venture or look to take over another business. We can also help you to secure finance or identify targets for acquisition.


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