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Useful Documents

Useful Documents

You will find links to useful documents and websites in this section.

General website

Documents relating to the general use of the Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors website.

Conveyancing Forms

Conveyancing Sellers Forms

Business Law News

  • Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors Autumn 2015 Business Newsletter (741kb)
    In this edition of our Business Newsletter, you can read about the new smoke and carbon monoxide regulations, protection of apprentices, new ADR rules, social media policy and Data Protection updates. If you have a legal matter you would like advice on for your business, please contact a member of our Corporate and Commercial Team on 01904 624185.
  • Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors Summer 2015 Business Bulletin (630kb)
    In this edition of our Business Bulletin, you can read about transferring copyright, cyber security, disability discrimination, Data Protection and direct marketing, landlord and tenant service charges, liability of business rates, SUPERNetworking event Monday 16 November 2015 and meet our Commercial Team headed up by Duncan Morter.
  • Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors Business newsletter Autumn 2014 (893kb)
    In this edition of our Business Bulletin, you can read about changes to Consumer Contracts, mediation services, pensions and auto-enrolment guidance, new policy on minimum wage and more on employment law news.
  • Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors Business Bulletin Spring 2014 (547kb)
    In this edition you can read about, Family businesses Control and protect your family business from external threats , Workplace Pensions Are you in?, Mediation Services How mediation can help with a business or employment dispute, Specialist services for Dentists our legal services for dentists, Seminar on succession planning for Doctors and meet our expanding commercial team
  • Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors Business Bulletin Autumn 2013 (430kb)
    In this edition of our Business Bulletin, you can read about Agents or Distributors for your business, changes to TUPE, collective redundancy consultation process, statutory holiday pay and break clauses in commercial leases.
  • Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors Business Bulletin Summer 2013 (321kb)
    In this edition of our Business Bulletin, you can read about Business Agreements, changing terms of employment, contract negotiations, funding, protecting against cyber attack and what we have been doing on our recent project in the community.
  • Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors Business Bulletin Spring 2013 (347kb)
    In this edition of our Business Bulletin, you can read about Auto-enrolment, employment law news, commercial property - buying or leasing commercial premises
  • Sales promotion - Business Briefing checklist (213kb)
    This checklist, provided by PLC Briefing Newsletter November 2012, sets out the different types of sales promotions that your business may wish to use to promote its goods or services.
  • Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors - Buying or Leasing commercial property (267kb)
    The legal process to buying or leasing a commercial property from initial instructions to completion.
  • Guide to entering into a commercial lease (116kb)
    If you are setting up a business or looking for larger premises to expand, finding the right property to rent which best suits your requirements ia an important decision.
  • Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors Business Bulletin Spring 2012 (237kb)
    In this edition of our Business Bulletin, you can read about commercial contracts, how to recover debt and you can meet our commercial team.
  • Crombie Wilkinson Business Legal News Update Summer 2010 (776kb)
    Read our latest legal news update for business. Our summer 2010 edition includes features on how our corporate and commercial team can help you and your business and the Provision of Services Regulation 2009.
  • Crombie Wilkinson Legal Business Update Summer 2009 (532kb)
    Read our latest legal news update for business. Our summer 2009 edition includes features on Workplace Mediation and integrated corporate legal and Intellectual Property services.
  • Crombie Wilkinson Legal Business Update March 2009 (496kb)
    Read our latest legal news update for businesses. Our March 2009 edition includes features on protecting your business from bad debt and redundancy advice.
  • Protect your Business from Bad Debt (78.79kb)
    The current economic downturn is presenting businesses with new challenges to face, not least the difficulty of managing cash flow in these uncertain times. To be confident that you will survive a slowdown in the economy you need to ensure that your business is not exposed to debt that has “gone bad” due to poor management.
  • The Use of Information Technology In The Workplace (127kb)
    The use of Information Technology in the workplace is so widespread these days; there are virtually no jobs that do not require the use of email and internet to some extent. There are many advantages and benefits of electronic communication - speed of communication and ability for flexible working and for using the internet to carry out your own industry research online as well as promoting your ‘shop-window’ via a website. Whilst the development of IT has brought great benefits to businesses, the use of email/internet or more accurately misuse can cause employers huge headaches.
  • Commercial Land and Property Deals - What you need to be aware of (131kb)
    Commercial land and buildings are more than likely to be one of your company’s largest assets and one of the biggest commitments you will make in your business.
  • Advice on what to consider when starting a business (128kb)
    Before you decide that it is the time to start out in business on your own, what do you need to do to make sure you go about it in the right way from the outset?
  • Advice on the importance of Exit Strategy Planning (79.32kb)
    Many owner managers work extremely hard at running their business and managing the day to day activity. Making plans for exit and succession planning may seem like a premature task if leaving the business is not yet on your horizon but good exit strategy and succession planning is very important. By Marc Porritt-Allison, Partner.
  • Investors are one way to expand your business (82.58kb)
    Standing up and presenting your business case in front of the ferocious dragon’s on the BBC TV programme Dragon’s Den may seem like too much of a daunting task to many people but investors like the dragon’s can be a great way to expand your business rapidly, not only financially but also utilising their expertise and business contacts. By Marc Porritt-Allison, Partner.
  • Problem Debtors? (131kb)
    If you are running a business and are experiencing problems receiving payment for the goods or service you have provided you need to take action. You also need to ensure that you do not continue with repeat problem debtors as this could be detrimental to the ongoing concern of your business. So when does a debt turn bad? And how do you handle it? By Marc Porritt-Allison, Partner.

Employment Law News

  • Online and email risks in the workplace (210kb)
    This Business Briefing highlights the risks that a business and its employees should be aware of when using the internet and e-mail at work, sending work-related e-mails or discussing the workplace on the internet
  • Crombie Wilkinson - Managing Employee Relations (80.83kb)
    Managing the day to day running of your business involves making decisions and juggling many tasks. Your employees are a critical part of the smooth running and efficiency of your firm. Managing their expectations and communicating with them regularly will keep them motivated and inspire loyalty.
  • Making Redundancies (68.2kb)
    With the talk in the media in the past few months about the credit crunch and the downturn in the property market, it is no surprise that businesses of all types across the region are feeling the squeeze. Businesses can be impacted in many different ways, however if you are at the point of considering staff cut backs make sure you know where you stand first.

Family Law News

  • Family Mediation Enquiry Form (90.11kb)
    Family Mediation Enquiry Form for use by Solicitors
  • Prenuptial Agreements (388kb)
    Why it may be wise to have a prenuptial agreement in place.
  • Mediation Information leaflet (359kb)
    Mediation Information leaflet - including Pre Application Protocol (PAP) and Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAM).
  • Private Client Legal Update Summer 2010 (172kb)
    Read our latest legal news update for individuals. Our summer 2010 edition includes features on elderly client services, family team legal services, EPC requirements when moving home and the importance of making a Will.
  • Crombie Wilkinson - Factsheet on Divorce (146kb)
    A useful factsheet containing information on Divorce.
  • Crombie Wilkinson Private Client Legal Update March 2009 (949kb)
    Read our latest legal news update for individuals. Our March 2009 edition includes features on Landlord Legal Services, Making Plans for your Financial Future, the expansion of our Family Law team and changes to Home Information Packs from 6th April 2009.
  • Crombie Wilkinson Focus on Family Disputes (73.53kb)
    Family disputes are often extremely painful for all involved and talking in confidence to someone who can listen and advise you on your personal circumstances, as well as the right action to take, can help minimise the stress. By Chris Myles, Partner and Head of Family Law Team.
  • Family Agreements and Mediation (71.29kb)
    A wealth of evidence exists suggesting children can be emotionally damaged by the breakdown in their parents’ relationships; this does not have to be the case.

Probate, Wills & Trusts News

  • Inheritance Tax Planning advice (156kb)
    Inheritance Tax (“IHT”) is a charge on the value of the assets gifted by someone either during their lifetime or on their death. The main rate of IHT is 40%. This is charged on the value of the assets over the available nil rate band of that person. This applies both to the value of the assets in the estate on death and to gifts of assets in the seven years before death. Taper relief can reduce the amount of tax payable on gifts made more than three years but less than seven years before death. Read our document for more advice on Inheritance Tax Planning.
  • Crombie Wilkinson - advice for when someone close to you dies (2.08MB)
    Would you know who to ask for help if someone close to you dies? Read our article for advice and who to contact.
  • Crombie Wilkinson - Pilot Trusts and why to use them (164kb)
    By using a Pilot Trust you can set up a number of discretionary Trusts through your Will without them becoming "related Trusts". Find out more by reading this article.
  • Crombie Wilkinson - Trusts - Your Questions Answered (144kb)
    Trusts Your Questions Answered In this article we explain Trusts and how they work, including how they are created, taxed and managed.
  • Crombie Wilkinson - Changes to the Law concerning Inheritance Tax (126kb)
    On 9th October 2007 the government announced changes in the law concerning Inheritance Tax. Please read this document to find out how the changes affect you.
  • Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust Wills Important Changes (109kb)
    You may have heard that changes in the law mean that a surviving spouse can claim the Nil Rate Band (NRB) of the first spouse to die (providing it has not been used) against their estate for Inheritance Tax purposes. This means that a surviving spouse, who has been left all the estate of their deceased spouse, can claim up to £600,000 (in the current tax year) worth of assets passing free of Inheritance Tax on their death. Find out more abuot the new rules.


News updates and information for Landlords

  • Landlords Bulletin Spring 2012 edition (620kb)
    Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors Landlords Bulletin Spring 2012 edition - news and updates on deposits, repairs, leases, Local Housing Allowance and much more.

Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation

  • Crombie Wilkinson - Workplace Mediation - It's good to talk (82.41kb)
    Conflict in the workplace can have huge adverse consequences for businesses of all sizes. If not resolved, conflict can lead to a very costly Tribunal claim particularly as the number of Employment Tribunal claims has rocketed over recent years to over 200,000 per year and this continues to rise. Read our article about Workplace Mediation to find out why it is good to talk.

Home information Pack - General Information

Home Information Packs have been suspended

The Government has announced the suspension of Home Information Packs with immediate effect from 21 May 2010.

Homes marketed for sale on or after 21 May 2010 will no longer require a Home Information Pack (HIP).

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will be retained. Sellers will still be required to commission, but won't need to have received an EPC before marketing their property.

We can provide EPCs for clients. Our fee for providing the EPC is £45+VAT for up to 4 bedrooms and £5+VAT for each additional bedroom.

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